Some of you might have noticed that I missed a post on Thursday evening. Well, you are absolutely right! I have been crazy busy and never found the time to get to it before Thursday. I had full intentions of writing it this past weekend, but I had something completely different and unexpected come up.

This unexpected thing is something I feel God is calling me to focus on right now. After a lot of prayer, I have decided to take a break from blogging. This calling is a little bit bigger than my blog right now and I’m going to put my full attention towards it (besides finishing school and my internship). I might pop in here and there, but consider me MIA for a while. Rest assured, I will be back. Hang tight and God Bless. I’ll share details when the time is right! ūüôā

Six Ways to Spend Time with Jesus

Do you have a desire in your heart to spend time with the Lord, but just have no idea how to? Do you hear people say that they “hear” Him, but don’t really understand how that happens? Do you want to know what it looks like to spend time Jesus?

I put together a list of ways that I personally spend time with God. I hope you find it helpful and can implement some of them into your own relationship with Christ.

1. Bible-¬†I think we all know that being a Christian means reading the Bible, right? But how? This is still something I’m figuring out, but after I’m done reading my¬†kid’s Bible¬†that I have absolutely loved and am close to finishing, I plan to dive deep into my real Bible (This¬†is the Bible I have and you can also find some super cute ones on this site¬†in the “bibles” tab if on the hunt for one). I found a “read the Bible in one year” guide that I’m planning to work at (and I can’t remember where I found it), but¬†here¬†are some on pinterest that I found too. I was doing some searching and my goal is to look at the assigned passages and then¬†1. read it one time through. So, just a general brief read to understand what’s going on. Then¬†2. read it a second time.¬†This time I’ll pay more attention to detail and analyzing it a little more. Then¬†3. What is the passage saying?¬†I’ll write down what I think the passage is saying and what Jesus is saying through His words. And last but not least,¬†4. What is Jesus saying to me through this?¬†This is the most important part. How is it applicable? How does this relate to my life and what is God trying to tell me through this passage? I’m going to write it down and that will give me something to focus on throughout the day. I also might write one verse down that stuck out the most to me and try to “memorize” it in a sense and meditate on it throughout the day. Again, I haven’t started this process yet, but it’s something I plan to do once I am done with my other readings. You might find this helpful if you have no idea where to start with reading the Bible.

2. Christian Music-¬†Life happens. We get busy and sometimes, not purposefully, spending time in the Word can get put on the back burner. One thing I do fairly consistently to spend time with Jesus is play Christian music on my down time. When I’m in the car or in the gym I find stations or the radio to listen to to keep my mind in the right place.

Matthew 6:33 But first, seek the kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

3. Podcasts-¬†I recently have become kind of obsessed with podcasts. I never used to listen to them, but I’ve had a huge spike in interest for personal development and growing my faith. My all time favorite is¬†Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, but also has this beautiful gentle way of presenting God’s word and I absolutely love it. I walk into my day extremely uplifted when listening to him. So, that is my top recommendation. I also listen to¬†Whoa That’s Good Podcast¬†by Sadie Robertson, mostly because she is my total inspiration. I have a couple of others saved in my phone, but haven’t listened to them personally so I won’t recommend them yet! I listen to one pretty much every time I’m in the car, so that’s a great way to hear some Jesus throughout your day too.

4. Talking/Praying-¬†I talk to God, a lot. I pray, but I also just have conversations with Him. And it’s the most comforting thing in the world when you can feel Him listening. Spending time in prayer is so important to express our praises and desires before Him. He already knows what we need, but He wants us to humbly bow down before Him and ask in prayer. And talk to Him. Sometimes, I think of Him like my best friend who I just want to talk to about life with. It’s my way of feeling the most connected.

5.¬†Find Him-¬†Find Him in your day. See the sunshine and know that God created that comforting warmth. Look at the snow and find the pure beauty in it. Hear the birds and know that He put them here for a purpose, like He did with you and with me. Find reasons to thank Him. Don’t always seek Him for your problems or requests (although He likes those too), but remember to be thankful for all that He’s given you too. This helps me connect to Him on days where I don’t feel like He’s there.

Psalm 107:1 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.

6.¬†Devotions-¬†These are a great way to get a little bit of Jesus power into your day. I love my¬†Jesus Calling¬†devotions because it literally feels like He is actually talking to you. It’s a great way to get a message that makes sense that gives you something to focus on.

I hope you found these useful and they will kickstart you in a direction to spend more time with the Lord.


Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share these ways that I personally connect with you. I pray that readers will click with one method and hang onto it tight to seek You. Thank you for being such a good Father, always. Amen.

Much love,


Cauliflower Rice Dish

I posted this on my instagram page but I thought I would share it in a blog as well because it was SO good.

Cauliflower rice is new to me and so far I’m addicted. I’ve been eating it with different things because it’s an awesome way to get a serving or two of veggies while my brain is thinking I’m eating actual rice. It’s genius!


Here are the ingredients:

-Chopped asparagus

-Cauliflower rice



-Olive oil


-Garlic salt


Steam the veggies. Throw the chopped chicken on the stove. Add the olive oil, lemon, garlic salt, and pepper and you’re good to go. It’s super simple, yummy, and plenty of veggies! Enjoy!

Much love,


Shout Loudest For Jesus

As some of you may know, a few months ago I bought a children’s Bible. For those who don’t know why, I wanted to understand the Bible better on a simpler scale. I wanted to know the chronological order of stories that I’ve been told since I was young and I wanted to find out more in words that I would understand easier. Since the purchase, I’ve been slowly picking away at it, absorbing and learning all that I can from it.

On this particular day, I did something different than I have in the past. Most of the times when I read this Bible I just pick it up and start going at it. I don’t really put too much thought into every detail because my goal has been to just get through the whole thing so I can take what I learn and apply it to the real Bible and not be so confused. But, this morning I took some time to pray about what I was going to read and that one of stories would speak a little extra to me.

This is the story that nudged my heart today: Mark 10: 46-52. 

The cool thing about this children’s Bible is that on the very first page of each story it tells where exactly you can find it in the real Bible. So, I read the short story, felt a push at my heart, and took it to the real Bible next to see if there were any details I was missing.

God has a sense of humor. He really does. I’m an over-thinker and¬†always¬†think there is something deeper with literally everything. I go to the Bible and read the verses. The story in the real Bible was just as short and simple as the Children’s version. HA.

“It’s really that simple”¬†is exactly what God was telling me.

So, let me tell you about this story and where I’m going with this.

There was a guy named Bartimaeus who was blind. He was sitting near the edge of the city of Jericho and he heard voices. As the voices got closer, he realized it was a crowd and someone told him it was Jesus passing through. Bartimaeus or B (I came up with that official nickname for him) shouted for Jesus. “Jesus! Son of David! Have pity on me!” The people around Jesus told B to be quiet. Instead,¬†B shouted louder and louder for Jesus.¬†Jesus told the people to bring B to Him and Jesus asked him what he wanted. B told him that he wanted to see. Jesus said to him “Look and you will see! Your eyes are healed because of your faith.” B could now see and all he wanted to do was follow Jesus from then. And he did just that and went with Jesus and the people.

Bartimaeus is the perfect example of trusting when we cannot see.¬†I personally have been struggling for quite some time with my “post-graduate plans”. Everyone seems to be off to grad school or plans to pursue huge careers. And I don’t mean to compare, but human nature and American culture make me feel like I’m not doing what I “should” be doing. And like Bartimaeus, I feel blind. I feel like I have no idea what’s coming next and sometimes I struggle with “walking by faith”.

But what did Bartimaeus do that inspired me this morning? He calls out to Jesus. There were all of these people around Jesus that could have made him turn the other way for fear of being rejected or pushed aside. The people tell B to be quiet, so what does he do? SHOUTS LOUDER. When society is bringing us down and telling us that trusting in “God’s plan” is ridiculous or that we need to “quiet down” about Him, we should be crying out LOUDER than the first time. We should be praising His name and screaming for guidance because He WILL come through.

What happens when Bartimaeus finally does become face to face with Jesus? Jesus helps him see a completely new and beautiful world that He never knew existed. If we can have faith and trust Him through the times where we feel blind, He will reveal an extraordinary plan that we never would have seen coming had we listened to the people and quieted down. When we feel let down or burnt out from not knowing what’s coming next or where the light at the end of the tunnel is, we should be shouting our absolute loudest and praising the hardest because we¬†know¬†that’s when he’ll¬†really hear¬†us. And at the right time, He will open our eyes to see a beautiful path that we could have missed, had we not cried as loud as we did.

Do you feel blind in the next step of your life? Or are you having a hard time seeing the good in the situation you’re in?¬†I encourage you to learn from Bartimaeus. Cry out louder to God than you ever have before. Keep praising His name. Don’t let others or the world bring you down. You want Him to hear you so He knows you trust His plan. And He will reveal the beauty to you, a beauty that will blow your mind.

Dear God,

Thank you for this message today. Thank you for nudging at my heart to share this story that spoke so deeply and personally to me today. I pray that those who feel blind today, will put their utmost trust in you and shout louder for you than they ever¬†have before. Help them to feel comfort in knowing that you DO have a beautiful plan for them that they will see when the time is right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Much love,



Seven Healthy Snack Options

Do you struggle trying to find healthy snacks? It seems easy to grab the packaged stuff because it’s fast and ready to go. I think most of us can figure out what a healthy meal looks like but the snacks are what can get tricky. Here I listed some of my common go tos:

1.¬†Almonds-¬†I usually get lightly salted or unsalted. If I do the unsalted, I like to mix dried cranberries with them. They’re a great source of protein and fat and keep you full for longer than a lot of snacks. One portion of almonds is a lot smaller than you think, so I recommend paying attention to your labels.

2.¬†Boiled eggs-¬†I usually prep some boiled eggs on Sunday when I typically make food for the week. They’re a great snack to have easily on hand. They’re a great source of protein. I add salt and pepper and they’re easily one of my favorite snacks.

3. Fruit (apples, pears, mixed fruit)-¬†I eat apples like it’s my job. I love love love apples and peanut butter. I’ve never tried this personally, but I’ve heard mixing greek yogurt and protein powder and dipping apples in it is really good. I love pears. I love bananas and peanut or almond butter. I love strawberries, blueberries, and any kind of berry really. Lots of antioxidants, fiber, and good sugars.

4. Whole grain crackers- Make sure to keep an eye out for the serving size and ingredients on these. You want the label to say “whole grain”, otherwise you’re not really getting a lot of nutritional value. It’s also easy to eat crackers mindlessly, so pay attention to your serving size and take out what you’re going to eat and put the box away. Otherwise, you’re more likely to eat much more than you need or were hungry for.

5. Celery with peanut butter-¬†Celery has basically NO calories. It’s full of fiber and water that will keep you full. Adding some peanut butter makes for a tasty crunchy satisfying snack.

6.¬†Cottage cheese-¬†Cottage cheese has lots of protein. It’s another filler upper kind of snack. I always shoot for 1% fat. Add some pepper or fruit and you’re good to go.

7. Cucumbers and hummus-¬†Cucumbers are also a super low calorie (and low carb) snack. Dip some cucumbers in hummus and it’s an awesome and filling snack.

I take most of these snacks with me when I pack lunches. Some of them take a little bit of prepping, but it’s totally worth it for some REAL nutrition when you’re snacking. I hope this helps!

Much love,


Being Obedient to God’s Requests

Some days when I sit down and decide I’m going to write, my mind goes blank. I have a really hard time thinking of what kind of topic I want to cover, how I want to say things, and where I want the blog to go. Other days, the message is clear as can be and I have to stop whatever I’m doing and start ferociously typing before I forget about all of the thoughts that are rushing through my head.

The difference? I one hundred percent believe those two separate ways of creating content are either me doing it my way or God working through me. A lot of my blogs start with these deep thoughts that come at the most random times of the day and I feel so inspired I make notes or stop everything to start writing. And those blogs I believe are my best and most sincere.

And I’m not saying that some of the others are bad or unworthy. God doesn’t usually knock on my door for me to blog about running and kale salads. I enjoy talking about those things and I try my best to put the time and effort into each post. However, there’s something really different and special about blogs that I feel called to write.

This is one of those posts.

But first, let me say that I had a completely separate post typed out for today. I had read it over a few times. I spent SO much time trying to hack at my brain to dig the message out. It felt off. I was frustrated writing it. I was typing it thinking about how the words sounded sloppy and not well written. And today, I realized that that was not the post I was supposed to write.  And then the good Lord comes in and reminds me why I do this in the first place. He gives me the ideas and the sentences to make the messages flow how they should. He gives me that sense of peace during and after the post that reminds me that He was making it so easy for me.

I felt the push today to talk about obedience. And to do that, I want to talk about a story from the Bible that we all know, whether you’ve grown up in church or not. And that story is the birth of baby Jesus. But the specific person I want to talk about in that story is Mary, Jesus’ mother.

This past Christmas, I thought about this story in a different light. I thought very deeply about the character of Mary and was actually totally blown away when I really put her position in the story into perspective.

Mary and Joseph were together. They were not married. I believe Mary was somewhere between thirteen and fifteen years old. Gabriel came down from heaven and told Mary she was going to be a mother to baby Jesus. I’m sure she was terrified, confused and completely blown away. But what else was she? Obedient. Now, think about that for a second. This young teenage girl who’s not married is told by an angel that a baby of God is going to grow inside of her for the next nine months. Like WHAT? I don’t know about any of the women reading this, but my first instinct would be to look that angel in the face and say “Yeah flipping right. You are a nut job.” But what did Mary say?

Luke 1:38 Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.

In other words, she looked at it as an opportunity to serve her Lord, and said “okay, let’s do this”. How many of us look at scary opportunities that God puts in front of our faces that way? I know I personally question every last detail of requests from God.

“Are you sure?” “Did I hear you right?” “God, don’t you know what’s at stake if I do this?”

Do any of these questions sound familiar? But Mary obeyed, despite the ridicule I’m sure she had. After she explains to people who probably think she’s a nut case that Gabriel came to her and that she’s carrying God’s child, God tells her to travel to Bethlehem. I looked up how long it takes to get from Nazareth (where Mary and Joseph lived) to Bethlehem on foot.

Thirty-three hours.

All I’m thinking is you couldn’t pay me to travel on foot literally about to give birth for thirty-three hours. Despite the crazy request, Mary obeyed.

THEN, to top it all off no one would let Mary and Joseph into their homes. So, to the barn they went. Mary is going to give birth, the kind of birth that all mothers go through mostly in hospital rooms with tons of doctors around them, in a barn with farm animals. I’m not a mother, but holy cow does that sound like the worst experience ever.

Let me sum this up.

  1. Mary gets told she’s going to have a baby although she knows she has never had sex with Joseph and will be persecuted for it by everyone and anyone.
  2. Mary gets told to travel for thirty-three hours on foot ready to pop out a baby.
  3. Mary gets sent to a barn to give birth to this baby in the straw and cold surrounded by animals.

BUT, despite these crazy circumstances, Mary obeyed. Now think about what God asks you to do in your life. Is He asking anything as insane as He asked Mary?

And let me mention Joseph while I’m at it. His wife comes to him and tells him this crazy story and request from God. No hesitation. They did it. They listened. They obeyed. And what kind of world would we live in if they wouldn’t have? Say goodbye to the New Testament.

We have no idea what God really has in store for us when He asks us to do things. Are we afraid to put faith in the unknown? Absolutely. Can you imagine how afraid Mary was? But it’s about trusting the bigger picture that God has planned and putting our complete faith in His requests. We don’t have to know the why yet. Did Mary understand why her? Nope, she just did it. We need to just do it. Trust in God’s plan. Feel¬†blessed¬†that he is asking YOU to do whatever it is he’s asking. He has specifically asked you to do this certain thing because you’re the perfect person for the task. He’s given YOU the tools and knowledge to be the best person for the job. Shouldn’t we take pride in that? He has a purpose that is so much bigger than our understanding at the moment. Obey. Trust. Have faith. He is a good God and only wants the very BEST for you. No matter how scary, how far fetched, or how completely insane the request is from Him, know that He will give you everything you need to accomplish his tasks. He is right there with you. He wants you to trust in His big picture for your life and walk His walk to fulfill your divine purpose He’s created you for.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


Dear God,

I pray that this message speaks to those who you’re specifically trying to reach today. You laid this message on my heart for a reason and I pray that that special person or people read this and know it’s for them. Help us to be obedient servants to Your will. You have a beautiful plan for our lives and we have to follow your requests to unleash that. Help us have open hearts and minds to do as You ask and give us the faith to trust Your ways and future for our lives. Amen.

Much love,


Turkey Kale Pasta Salad

Here’s a fun recipe that turned out super good. I made it for a family event in the summer and got awesome compliments. I apologize that I don’t have measurements. I literally just throw things together and experiment. So, that’s what I recommend doing with this! Change it according to what tastes good for you!

Here’s the recipe:

-Whole grain noodles

-Kale (chopped)

-Yellow/orange peppers (chopped)

-Broccoli (cooked)

-Onions (cooked)

-Parmesan cheese

-Sliced turkey (deli style)

-Shredded cheese

-Olive oil

-Lemon juice

-Splash of apple cider vinegar

Cook the broccoli, onions and noodles and let cool. Throw everything together in a bowl and mix. Let it sit in the fridge to cool and serve. Enjoy!

Much love,


PS: This post is also on my instagram page so check that out too! (Instagram link on the bottom of home page)

How to Find Your Own Kind of Worship

What do you think about when you think about worship? Sunday morning songs? Hands reaching for the ceiling during service? Time spent at the alter?

Luke 4:8 And Jesus answered Him, “It is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.'”

What is worship exactly? It is defined as “to show feeling and expression of reverence and adoration for”. Worship is showing our God we respect, love, and adore Him. We’re called to worship. We are called to spend time with the Lord. But if music isn’t your thing that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We all have our OWN ways to spend time with the Lord and no one way is better than the other. Your worship is your worship.

This is something I never understood until fairly recently. I love Sunday morning worship, but I wanted something more. I wanted something that connected me even deeper with Jesus. Thus, this blog was created. Reading, writing and spreading the word via words are my forms of worship. When I sit down with a cup of coffee or if I get inspired during a workout (honest to goodness have written a blog while on the treadmill for an hour), I feel deeply connected with Jesus. I feel as if Him and I type these blogs out together. I’m the earthly writer, but he pops the ideas in my head and helps the words flow. When I read (when I’m not reading books for classes), basically every book I read is about faith in some way or another because of the connection I feel while reading. I love to write in a journal to help me keep track of prayers and write down things I’m grateful for. I crave that content peaceful loving feeling I get when I participate in these hobbies I’ve grown to love.

The point is, everyone has their “thing” that makes them feel connected with the Father. It doesn’t have to be singing and hand raising in church or writing in a journal, it can be whatever makes YOU feel like you are giving God you’re undivided, full attention to allow Him fully into your heart for a moment. It’s what makes you feel like you’re showing love and adoration for the Creator and all that He does for you. Worship for you might look differently than it does for someone else.

How do you know what makes you feel connected to God and might serve as a form of worship? I enjoy reading my Bible and closing my eyes and feeling the music on Sunday morning. But I took it one step further because I wanted to worship even harder and do something that made me feel an even deeper connection. I put together a list of questions that helped me figure out that creating blogs is a form of worship for me.

  1. What is something you genuinely love to do?¬†What is that thing that when you do it you forget what’s happening around you? The thing that makes you feel at peace and relaxes you? The thing that maybe you never thought about before because you just enjoy doing it that much that it doesn’t cross your mind? Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s building. Maybe it’s public speaking. Maybe it’s whatever you’re degree is in. Maybe it’s simply just reading your Bible, listening to Christian music, or rocking to a beat during the worship service at church. Whatever it is, find those things and write them down.
  2. What are your spiritual gifts?¬†Once you find the thing or things you genuinely love to do, link them with how you can use them to serve God. Have you ever thought that those enjoyable things might be talents that have been given to you for a reason? If you’re a builder, maybe you can get involved in a ministry that builds houses for the poor. If you love to read the Bible, maybe you can form a small group that dives in deeper with the Gospel. If you love public speaking, maybe some sort of speaking ministry is in your future. Connect ways to do what you love and what you’re good at in ways to serve the Lord. Honor Him through your way to worship Him.
  3. Have you prayed about it?¬†Are you still confused on how to feel connected with God? Pray about it. Pray that He will open your heart and eyes to find your thing that makes you love life but can also be used to serve Him. You’ll feel something deeper than you have before once you find it.


I promise that if you find YOUR ways to worship the Lord and take it up a notch you’ll find a different kind of peace. Doing something that gives God the glory, but is also something that you thoroughly enjoy because He gave us that desire in the first place is a different more meaningful way to worship. I encourage you to dive deeper in your heart and find those things to kickstart your purpose and serve our amazing Creator.

Dear God,

Thank you for being¬†such a good Father. Thank you for walking with us¬†through life¬†and giving us reasons to want to worship you. I pray that you guide whoever is seeking to whatever makes them feel most connected to You. I pray that you open their hearts and their eyes to see their special talents that serve You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Much love,


Six Personal Tips on Training for a Half Marathon

As some of you know, last winter I ran a half marathon. I had an amazing life changing experience that you can read about here, and also learned a thing or two about discipline and pushing my body farther than I thought it was capable of. I’m not a runner. I’ve never been good at it but I had in my mind I wanted to run a half and so I did. You can too.


Here are a couple of tips that I put together, based on my experience, if you’re thinking about signing up for one:

1. Run- Well duh, right? But honestly the first tip to training to run a 13.1 mile race is to just run and commit a to it. If this is something you really want to do, then just get out and start exercising as soon as you can. The more exercise you do over the course of training, the better you’ll feel during the race. And make sure you have some quality shoes too. Click¬†HERE¬†for general Brooks (the shoes I used) on amazon (where I bought mine). And click¬†HERE¬†for the specific ones above that I bought and absolutely loved (ps: they’re on mega sale right now compared to what I paid!).

2. Find a program that works for you– You might be at a different fitness level than I am. So it’s super important to find a training program that you think you can handle. I literally just googled “half marathon training program” and found one that I thought I could do. I ended up tweaking it a little bit, but for the most part it worked great. If searching on google seems too stressful for you here’s a beginner’s book¬†I found on amazon that would definitely be a great option as well.

3. Don’t shoot for perfection– In the beginning of my training, I would get so worked up if I didn’t follow the program to a T. But I learned fairly late into my training, that this is MY program and I can alter it however I want to. If I only feel like running 3 miles today, then that’s what I’ll do and I’ll run 5 miles on a day that I’m feeling more motivated. And if you have a day where you’re feeling extra motivated then keep going. I had days where I was only supposed to run 3 miles and ended up running 8 because my run felt good. Take advantage of those good days.

4. Cross train– My program set a day or two aside to train in a way other than running. So I could have done some weight training or other kinds of aerobic training. I was lazy and used these days as rest days, but I recommend actually cross training. I think running would have been MUCH easier if I would have mixed it up and did something besides solely running.

5. Plan for your long run– Every week you’ll have a “long run” that will be your longest run of the week. Plan for this. Find a day when you’ll have the most time or plan according to the weather. I might be a bit dramatic but if I ran more than 10 miles at at time, I always brought a source of sugar to give me a boost of energy. It’s worth a shot to help you get through the long miles, right?

6. Don’t change your diet days before your race– I thought it would be an awesome idea to “carb load” before my race. While I do think this can be beneficial I definitely had no idea what I was doing and felt bloated and gross a couple of days before my race. I’ve heard that eating a high carb diet earlier in the day the day before the race and then eating light the evening before and light if anything at all the morning of is a good way to do it. I just don’t recommend trying to do something crazy different that might upset your stomach. I recommend talking to someone who has more experience on this or I found¬†this book¬†on marathon nutrition that I think would be super helpful too.

Here are a few extra items that I’ve considered buying before that I think would make your running experience better as well! A lightweight¬†fanny pack¬†could give you a spot to keep your phone and keys (I’ve been wanting to buy one but haven’t yet). Some glucose packets¬†to¬†give you quick efficient sugar energy (you’ll need some form of sugar to give you an energy boost during the long runs and especially race day). A¬†reflective light vest¬†in case you run in foggy or darker conditions (highly recommend one of these). And if you’re running during the winter like I did you’ll want to get something to¬†protect your neck¬†and lower half of your face from the cold (not necessarily this specific one but definitely something to keep your neck warm, you’ll appreciate it)! This is definitely not a must but my phone would almost¬†always¬†die during my runs because of the low temperature so something like¬†this¬†could potentially help with that. And last but not least, if you’re taking your dog with you who if your baby is like mine HATES to be on a leash I recommend getting a¬†gentle leader¬†to help them run with you (I have this exact one in large and was BLOWN AWAY that it worked pretty much right away).

The best thing you can do is have fun with your half marathon. Enjoy it. Find music that you love or podcasts that keep you occupied. Go at your own pace and shoot just to finish. My goal was to not stop. I wanted to run the whole thing. Find your goal and commit to the miles. I promise if you get your mind 100% in, you’ll surprise yourself. Good luck!

Much love,


PS: Email me with questions!

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